Saturday, July 31, 2010

Link: New Wilde Lake Plans In Columbia Flier

The owners of the Wilde Lake village center in Columbia have announced their plans to knock down the old Giant and several other buildings to redevelop the parcel, as reported in the Columbia Flier.

Don't count on all the talk about what will be in the village center after the renovation.  The plan leaves the building that houses the Bagel Bin and others.  It demolishes the buildings that hold David's Natural Market and Today's Catch seafood market.  Kimco talks about maybe keeping David's and the fish market.  But I have seen enough real estate development to know that people can't predict the future, often can't work out even the deals that they want to do, and sometimes aren't telling the full truth.

Hat tip to the Columbia Maryland's Future blog.

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Marcia said...

You are correct. I'd really miss David's though. Roots and MoM's have better produce and give David's serious competition. But David's has a great selection of other items, a great staff, and is always busy. It would be sorely missed.