Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Filipino Restaurant in Ellicott City / Catonsville

A Chowhound poster is looking for information about new Filipino restaurant on Rte 40 in Ellicott City or Catonsville.   That sounds good to me!

Does anyone know about a new Filipino restaurant? Anyone? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

I'd be interested if this is true too! It's not always easy to drive to Pampanguena Cafe in Rockville/Derwood for my Filipino food fix.

Anonymous said...

Me, too! I would open one but that seems like a lot of investment in time and money.

Anonymous said...

There's a Filipino store in Glen Burnie called 3 Sisters. Never been there but I've sampled their takeout brought home by relatives. Apparently they have steam tables and you can point (turo-turo) and takeout. Nothing special,but if you're in the area and don't feel like cooking, the food is passable (for someone who can cook Filipino). For those who are adventurous, you may try their dinuguan, a vinegary blood stew with pork ears and tounge.