Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trolling: Frog Legs At Victoria, Iced Cafe Americano, And Great Harvest's Rye Bread

Adam from GrubGrade is home for the summer and back on the local scene.  Adam recommends some places even when he doesn't love the food -- like Victoria Gastro Pub, which gets a rave for adventure even if it isn't one that Adam would hop into again:

Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia: One of the best things about having a place like Victoria around is that you can try new and potentially 'exotic' or 'unconventional' menu items. For a foodie with the desire to push the boundaries of the "did you really just eat that?" question the addition of Frog Legs to the menu this summer was a definite draw for me. Well, lets just say I guess I liked the idea of trying frog legs a whole lot better than actually trying them. Sure, they looked like my childhood favorite of chicken tenders, but the breading was oily and fell apart too easily, whle the meat itself was a bit slimy and largely tasteless. They gave me some kinda funky aioli, but not even a fried food standby condiment like ketchup could save this venture into the unconventional.
Sweet: A Bakery and Cafe in Ellicott City: Ok, so the Iced Cafe Americano may be a couple more bucks than what you could get at a Dunkin Donuts, but is there any better way to cool off on a hot Maryland day?  (Ice creams fans: don't answer that.)  Milky and brimming with vanilla flavor, after having this you'll know why this place gets the name "Sweet."
Great Harvest Bakery Co. in Columbia: For a place which routinely turns out scrumptious breads and baked good that feature fillings from gourmet cheeses to every kind of grain under the sun, a simple rye bread probably doesn't sound like the most intriguing option. But do yourself a favor and stop by for a loaf of the Onion Dill Rye on Tuesdays this summer. This bread has literally made me an herb-fanatic.The nuttiness of the rye base works extremely well with the fresh and slightly sweet undertones of the dill, while the bread serves as a perfect base for any summertime sandwich. My personal favorite? Spread a little cream cheese, red onion and cucumber on a slice and enjoy something the very quintessence of freshness. 
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