Friday, July 16, 2010

Sour Cherry Nectar At Nazar Market

We stumbled on Turkish cherry nectar at the new Cazbar Kepab House in Columbia, and it has become a fun

Let's be honest: This isn't juice.  It's water, sugar, then sour cherry concentrate on the ingredient list.  But it's a cherry flavor just a touch sour enough to be unique.  It's more soft drink than a health food.

But it's a fine soft drink.  We first drank cherry nectar with sandwiches at Cazbar.  But Nazar Market in Columbia sells a bunch of varieties -- cans to drink right away or boxes that pour from the fridge.  Several brands, even other flavors of nectar like mango.  Definitely an easy buy if you're looking to check out Nazar for the first time.  Try it full strength.  Try it cut 50-50 with water for a lighter flavor.


jblle said...

How much do these cost? They are about 63 cents in turkey! I have been Meaning to check this place out since I got back from Turkey, I crave everything I had over there! Check out the turkish apple tea if you get a chance! It's great hot or cold!

HowChow said...

More than 63 cents, but less than $2. It's probably a lot for a soft drink, but not so bad.

HowICook said...

I don't want to start any price wars but about .15 cents more than in Turkey for a can and twice that for a liter. I like to make it a real lite soda and use 1/2 sparking water This drink doesn't have the curse of high fructose corn syrup.