Thursday, July 23, 2009

Laraia's Mozzarella at My Organic Market

Now that we're in the season for tomatoes and basil, check out the Laraia's Mozzarella for sale at My Organic Market in Jessup.

This a tasty ball of mozzarella that has a mild, milky taste that goes perfect with a garden tomato and a leaf of basil. I'm actually a fan of the national-brand mozzarella balls at Giant and Harris Teeter, the Laraia's cheese has a flavor a little more like milk and a feeling that is a little less elastic.

I have written before about shopping for cheese or for organic products in Howard County. My Organic Market offers a small, but thoughtful selection of both in the Columbia East shopping center at Rte 175 and U.S. 1.

My Organic Market (now Mom's Organic Market)
7361 Assateague Dr. #190
Jessup, MD 20794

NEAR: This is the Columbia East shopping center at Rte 175 and U.S. 1. There is a Starbucks and a Rita's facing Rte 175, and you'll see My Organic Market right in front of you when you pull into the parking area.

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Anonymous said...

Yum, I'll check this mozzarella out! I love MOM's. Some of my faves from there: Turkey Ham slices - genius & delicious, Everyday Shea Lotion, Crisp Pea Snacks, Wallaby yogurts, Wellness 95% Turkey (canned, for my cat), VitaSpelt spaghetti, Rudi's spelt bread, all the organic produce, esp Packham pears are the tastiest. There are a million other things, but mostly I love that I see something new and eco every time I'm there, but I don't have to wade thru crystals and kokopelli ornaments and things like that, which I might even buy but def don't need!