Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Link: Fatburger on Taste of Baltimore

Fatburger in Elkridge didn't serve a burger good enough to entice Nakiya back to Howard County, according to her post on the Taste of Baltimore blog.

The burger joint gets mixes reviews in the comments to my prior post, and I have to say that I'm holding out for the soon-to-open Five Guys at the Columbia Mall.


Anonymous said...

This surprises me. We went a couple of weeks ago, and thought the food was really good! The fries were good as well. We are definitely a 5 guys family, but were very impressed with the food at Fat Burger.

Innovate Your Way out said...

Got agree with the OP, Fatburger is a runner up to Five Guy's and Fuddruckers. A good burger experience compared to a Micky D's, but does not have the same flavor of a 5 guys or the killer roll and great fixings a Fudd's.

cdarl said...

I thought the burgers were pretty good. I went when it had just opened though.

agussman_work said...

I went right when they opened as well and thought it was a pretty good burger. It's a nice change from 5 guys but I don't know if I'd say "better" (even if the fried egg is an awesome topping).

Only downside was shortly thereafter I had my credit card number stolen. Probably just a coincidence, though.