Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coffee Rescue at the Laurel Train Station

There are times when my caffeine addiction creates a coffee emergency, and now I know who to call.

Two guys have opened a mobile coffee stand outside the Laurel train station by converting a former New York City ambulance.  The Coffee Rescue truck parks across from the station entrance, and the guys sell coffee and muffins.

They started last week, and it's a project close to my heart because I take the MARC from Laurel most mornings.  (Unfortunately for them, I'm still infatuated by the coffee that Mrs. HowChow and I carried home from Hawaii last month.)  Usually, I carry a thermos and take my caffeine hit when I reach my desk.  But I bought a cup from Coffee Rescue last week, and it was good.  They'll probably do even better in the winter when people want something to warm them up on the platform (and after construction ends on the station and stops encouraging people to walk over the tracks -- and away from Coffee Rescue.)

Coffee Rescue

NEAR:  The Coffee Rescue truck was parking in July 2009 outside the Laurel train station.  Take Rte 216 east from I-95, then turn left on Main Street into Laurel.  Main Street heads right into the train station, and the truck is parking on the left just before you go under the railroad tracks.


nuttyturnip said...

It'd be nice to see something like this at Dorsey station.

Brendela said...

I spent many a morning standing on that platform (and then on the one in Savage) wishing there was somewhere to get a cup of coffee. I hope they do well.