Friday, July 10, 2009

Yogiberry and Five Guys At The Columbia Mall

Five Guys should open at the Columbia Mall in the last week of July, according to the customer service folks at the mall.  They also say that Yogiberry should open in August.

This is two food milestones for Howard County -- Five Guys' great burgers and Yogiberry's trendy frozen yogurt.  Keep me up to date if you hear more.

(Update: Milton Friendly comments below that the Chipotle has opened at the mall.  A real food blog would never comment on the fact that a chain like Chipotle has opened at the Columbia Mall.  The opening of a Chipotle at the Columbia Mall would be beneath a classy food blog that should celebrate local places and local everything and should not exist to tell people that Chipotle has opened at the Columbia Mall.  OK?  We're not mentioning it.  Nothing about Chipotle here . . . )


Milton Friendly said...

Heard that Chipotle has already opened at the mall.

Milton Friendly said...

Even classy people eat burritos. They just eat them in the back seat of their BMWs when nobody is looking.
And thanks for the great HoCo food updates.