Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Link: Maiwand Kabob on Technology & MSG

Maiwand Kabob gets a friendly post from the MSG & Technology blog. Alex visited the new location near Arundel Mill, but it seems right in line with the Columbia original. Alex talked up the chicken kabob platter and says there will be a return trip -- when any hungry blogger should try the pumpkin appetizer.


Anonymous said...

The pumpkin is absolutely delicious! If you order the Vegetable platter from the entree menu, it's actually these items from the appetizer menu: pumpkin, chick pea curry, eggplant, spinach, green pea and potato curry, as well as rice and Tandoori bread. It's a lot of food, but each item is delicious!

Alex said...

I think it's neat when you discover that a blogger who you read also reads you. Thanks for the link!

HowChow said...

Alex -- I love your posts. Feel free to tell me when you post about Howard County joints.