Friday, July 17, 2009

Links: Eating Local

The Howard County Economic Authority is pushing local agricultural products with free bags at the Howard County farmers markets and with press releases to the Examiner. (Menu tip to the Yet Another Food Blog that posted the link.)

In light of the program's basis in economic development, the Free Market blog offers a spirited critique of the economic arguments for local food. I'll defer on that and emphasis the flavor basis. If you do nothing else this summer, go pick peaches and blackberries at Larriland Farm off I-70. Nothing beats the taste of a peach that you just took off a tree.

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Nina said...

False -- fresh tomato, bit into like an apple, and blueberries. Or plums. Okay, that might be just because I'm horribly allergic to peaches and therefore can't eat them.

But I absolutely love picking at Larriland. I've been a little disappointed in the weather this year.