Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mrs. HowChow Goes For Drive-Through Chicken

While the cat is away, Mrs. HowChow goes for take out....or drive-through....

During Mr. HowChow's recent business travel, I decided to hijack the blog temporarily to provide some suggestions for local tasty take-out and drive-through for those of us who do not process anything bought or sold, sell anything processed or bought, or whatever.

My disclaimer: Although I truly love Mr. HowChow's healthy, tasty cooking and the inventive food at restaurants included in his blog, sometimes you just need a break from all of those farmer's market, bulgur-wheat, 24-grain, quinoa-laden, kohlrabi-centric meals.

At times, after a very long day at work and no time or energy to prepare your own dinner (and nothing in the fridge because no one has gone shopping), you just want to drive your automobile up to a faceless, nameless voice in a box and ask for some dinner. Now, don't think you have to compromise. I love tasty food as well as ambience, and the Chik-fil-A in Fulton delivers both in a 3-5 minute culinary experience.

Although there are now healthy options on the board (a.k.a. your fried chicken in an Atkins-friendly "wrap"), I highly recommend the classic Meal #1. I'm not sure now if they actually use the word "fried" in the description of the breaded chicken on a roll, but you get all the flavor of KFC with 2 or 3 pickles for an extra juicy punch (other condiments must be added, but I only recommend ketchup). The highlights of the Meal #1 are actually the accompaniments. The salty, hot waffle fries are so yummy that I have invoked a rule for myself as I drive away that I can only eat 3 before I get home. OK, so I only live 3 minutes away. The piece de resistance is the beverage. I highly recommend choosing the lemonade for the soft drink. It's so choice. Tart, refreshing and packed with real (?) lemon flavor, this isn't your
kid's lemonade. Friends of mine have echoed this sentiment and in fact, say they go through the drive-through just for a drink.

So, I mentioned ambience. After you place your order, drive slowly, with the convertible top down, if you are so inclined or able, so that you can enjoy the rushing waterfalls to your right. Cool, breezy, and if you close your eyes, may remind you of Hawaii.....mmmm....ok, maybe not, but you have to give snaps to Chik-fil-A for trying. They truly have a water-feature in the drive-through, but have pretty quick and pleasant service, so don't drive through too quickly, or you will miss this little treat.

I neglected to mention ordering dessert in this post, but on other occasions (yes, again, while Mr. HowChow was away), I have ordered the same meal, but with an extra drink. A vanilla shake so thick and creamy, it's really not a drink. In fact, it may be so creamy, that it could serve as your FDA requirement for caloric intake in a 24-hour period. Whatever, though. No one will see you eat this as it is drive-through. Except for the extremely nice kids who staff the pay counter at the drive-through, who are maybe starting to look at me with a little more recognition this time around.....did they call me by name? I can't recall, but I can say that if you are going it alone one evening, drive through this little piece of chicken-fry-lemonade heaven.

p.s. Chik-fil-A has sponsored Dad-daughter and Mother-son nights which I have noticed while driving by the restaurant that also look like fun. Balloons for the kids, maybe some specials inside? We don't have kids, but also looks like a great place for a quick bulgur-free bite with the little ones.


Anonymous said...

Mrs. HowChow, you are absolutely hilarious! Thanks for a hearty Sunday morning laugh, and a review that had hubby drooling and cursing the fact that Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays.

LC said...

Ahhh how I love the Chick-fil-A. I am actually a fan of their nuggets. They are amazing. But if course the waffle fries add the necessary yumminess!!

Loved Mrs. HowChow posting too!

Brendela said...

This Chick-fil-A is also pet friendly. They always give us dogs treats at the drive-thru when we have our greyhounds in the car with us.

betsy said...

You should post more often!

That Chik-Fil-A is our favorite - we do have a kid, and he loves the playground and will often be cajoled into eating the food.

(And one large milkshake split into 3 small cups makes an excellent dessert.)

smallmadeline said...

Dear Mrs. HowChow, your description of waffle fries made me run through the drive through last night. It was very yummy (with a Cookies and Cream shake!).

bboyneko said...

I know this is not a political blog, and I am not sure how Mr and Mrs Howchow lean politically, however many readers may wish to know Chick-fil-a is EXTREMELY right wing, anti-gay and anti abortion. Every dollar you spend there goes toward those causes.

The founders of Chick-fil-A, the Cathy family, “have been outspoken in their support of Republican social conservatives. Chick-fil-A has won praise from religious conservative for keeping its doors shut on Sundays.”

According to the company’s Web site, Chick-fil-a advocate and sponsor religious groups such as Focus on the Family, a group that believes that Christian perspectives deserve special recognition from the government over other religions.