Monday, July 13, 2009

Sidamo Coffee To Open In Maple Lawn

Sidamo Coffee & Tea will open a coffee shop in the Maple Lawn spot vacated by Daily Grind.

Maple Lawn wants that urban feel, and Sidamo originated on Capitol Hill. That first store sells breakfast and lunch, along with coffee that they describe as "organic shade grown coffee." I hear that they served coffee samples at a Maple Lawn picnic and that they plan on be open 7 am to 7 pm every day. I haven't heard when they'll open.

A Washington Post review says Sidamo was opened by an Ethopian couple who roast their beans at the DC shop. They also have people present a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony on Sunday afternoons.

Thanks to the OAWPG for the tip on the name. And thanks to everyone for not hitting my car this morning as I was backing up 20 feet on Maple Lawn Boulevard to read the sign. The OAWPG had to remind me about Sidamo's name because I forgot it while playing video pinball on the train.

If you go to Maple Lawn, then you should definitely check out the frozen yogurt at the BP gas station. (Seriously.)


Anonymous said...

We went to the BP for yogurt last night. Unfortunately, we learned they close at 4 on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Anybody hear about a management change or shuffle at the great wine/liquor/beer store right next door -- I.M. Wine?

Hope this doesn't affect their service.

Winey said...

I went there last night and didn't see any difference. The manager, Rick, gave me a great suggestion for a wine to go with this beef stew I was making for dinner. The wine was not only perfect, but pretty inexpensive. Could be my new house wine. I think it's still a great store.

Unknown said...

They are Open now, Haven't tried the coffee yet. I will have to post another comment after I've actually tried it.