Wednesday, October 2, 2013

See The New Columbia Whole Foods -- Photos!

Where you'll eat lunch from Whole Foods
Take a tour of the new Columbia Whole Foods.  It's still under construction.  No food displays because they're still pour concrete, and there are no walls.

Duane got a tour, and he posted photos and descriptions on HoCo Connect.  He noted that windows -- even those overlooking the lake -- will be replaced by supermarket walls.  He also described some kind of spa and exercise facility that the Columbia Association will open in the same building.

I can't wait for Whole Foods to open in 2014.  Over the summer, we had a great day around the lake.  We ate at Sushi Sono, but I noticed the grassy areas between the Whole Foods and the lake.  That will be a great place to eat lunch.


perrik said...

I wonder if Whole Foods will take advantage of the location by adding a patio for dining? After all, the stores offer an extensive selection of prepared foods. I used to work a couple blocks from the WF in Glover Park (DC) and got lunch there occasionally. There was a counter and a few tables right by the entrance, but otherwise no place to eat in or right outside the store. I would have gone more often, but hated schlepping my food back to the office (by which time it needed re-heating).

Then again, parking is going to be tight at the Columbia location, and they might not want to encourage lingering.

omars said...

@Perrik, I hope so! Most of the big Whole Foods I've visited out west have outdoor eating areas or nearby benches or...