Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rumor Mill Gets A Balanced (Salad) Review

The Rumor Mill on Main Street is on my list of restaurants that we really want to try.  Several people have talked it up to me, and I got another nudge last week when Balance Salad blogged about a 22d anniversary dinner there.

Kobe sliders, sweet potato fries, chocolate hazelnut tarts and more.  It definitely sounds like a place we would like.


Anonymous said...

Our party of four all hated the Rumor Mill, although that was a couple of years ago. Service was abysmal even though the restaurant was mostly empty. Server knew next to nothing about the food preparation. Portions were extremely small - the "entrees" looked more like appetizers and came with no sides - they didn't even serve bread with dinner and it was ridiculously overpriced. We had sandwiches as soon as we got home from dinner!

Balancing Act said...

I definitely agree that the portions are very small, especially compared to typical American-style entrees. If you are going to enjoy The Rumor Mill, you need to completely adjust your expectations. And no, it is not cheap, either. But the quality of the food and the unique preparations make it worth exploring.

kam said...

Oh man, the sweet potato fries. (There's a a theme to my comments today. ;) ) It may just have been the cinnamon butter, but they live on in my memory. That having been said, the rest of the meal was fairly forgettable. I liked it, my husband was less impressed, and we haven't been back since as we prefer Pure Wine Cafe or Rnazul for tapas. And Rumor Mill is definitely a tapas-style place, and bills itself as such nowadays, though I guess it's possible they didn't play it up as much a few years ago (hence the Anonymous confusion).