Monday, October 7, 2013

Crunch Daddy Is Back At David's Market in Columbia; All Three Bags Will Make You Smile

CrunchDaddy popcorn (photo from their site)
Now you can pick special popcorns right off the shelves in Columbia -- CrunchDaddy is returning to retail.

CrunchDaddy is a little Columbia company that Dan Bazis started in 2012 to sell the flavors that he had imagine and cooked up.  Cheryl Clemens wrote a whole Howard Magazine profile last year, and I have raved about CrunchDaddy's sweet and savory varieties because they're as talented as restaurant desserts.

Now, you can check out CrunchDaddy in person at David's Natural Market in Columbia.  Starting this afternoon, David's will stock three varieties -- "maple & bacon," "caramel & peanut," and "honey & cinnamon."  They're all delicious.  Bacons makes for fun where ever it appears, although "honey and cinnamon" sits among my favorite two or three favors from the entire line.

David's will charge the same prices -- around $6.50-$7.50 for a quart bag -- as the CrunchDaddy Web site.  They'll also have some seasonal flavors that Dan is working on now and expects to unveil in late October or early November.  CrunchDaddy's bags are fun eating on their own, but they're interesting enough to be great as a hostess gift or in a gift bag.

I personally love CrunchDaddy's popcorn.  Once you have tried the three varieties at David's, I have to recommend the "peanut butter & jelly" variety on the Web.  We bought an assortment for my parents over the summer, and my mother joined the rave about Dan's imagination.  Peanuts appear in many fancy popcorns, but Dan got the "jelly" with minced grape jelly beans.  It's smart and fantastic.

Dan makes all the popcorn in small batches with real ingredients - everything from Old Bay to cheddar cheese, real butter to candied ginger.  David's sold them briefly last year, but Dan retrenched a bit with production issues until going back to retail now.  CrunchDaddy has been reviewed on the Pop Blog by local popcorn blogger Kevin.  You can click through to the links from Kevin's list of all the popcorn that he has reviewed.

David's will also stock CrunchDaddy in Gambrills and Bel Air stores in a few days.  If you go to the Columbia David's, definitely check out the sandwich counter for a meal -- and consider Today's Catch seafood market on the other side of the village center if you want to cook your own dinner.

David's Natural Market
5430 Lynx Lane
Columbia, MD 21044

NEAR: This is in the Wilde Lake village center very close to the Columbia Mall. It's not in the section with the Bagel Bin and The Melting Pot. It is across Lynx Lane in a separate set of stores.

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