Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back To Bangkok Delight: Thai That Was One Of The Places That Tied Me To Howard County

The tingle on my tongue makes me remember Thailand and remember that Bangkok Delight still stands out.

The Columbia restaurant was one of the first restaurants that I visited in Howard County.  Mrs. HowChow lived off Rte 108, and she knew Jesse Wong's Asean Bistro and Bangkok Delight when we went on early dates.

At one point, I thought this was one of the best restaurants in Howard County.  It won't make that list when I run my annual "Best Restaurants" post next week, but Bangkok Delight's kitchen does put out fresh, flavorful food that make it worth driving past most of the Chinese places around.

We have always loved the curry dishes.  Green curry is bright and spicy.  On our most-recent visit, brown curry was slightly sweet and deeply rich.  It has little "hot pepper" spice, but it thick with the flavors of our honeymoon in Thailand.  Sliced chicken comes with potatoes, raw peanuts, and carrot.  I always cherish some extra rice -- or some rice cooked fresh with leftovers -- to soak up the curry sauce.
Mango sticky rice

In contrast, the special eggplant had a real spicy kick from slivered hot peppers.  It left that tingling tongue.  This isn't as aggressive as Bon Chon's spicy fried chicken.  It's the talented touch where spiciness complements crunchy baby corn, earthy mushrooms and eggplant cooked to that perfect point where it is fork-tender, but not mushy.

Save room for dessert if you like mango.  The mango sticky rice comes warm and sweet -- almost like risotto of rice and sweet coconut milk.  Sliced mango adds sweet tanginess, and you have the dish that made me first notice how much Mrs. HowChow loves dessert.  One early take-out evening, I brought home two mango sticky rices.  That may have been when she decided that I was a keeper.

Bangkok Delight has a cute look with paper umbrellas hanging from the ceiling.  I assume they do a big takeout business because I have never seen it full.  Crowds of Indian folks in House of India and Mango Grove always make me feel confident that the food meets the standards of native palates.  But Bangkok Delight does a good job for me.

If you like Thai, you should also check out Bangkok Garden in Oakland Mills in Columbia. We also need to try Thai Aroma in Ellicott City which I always think about when we're walking into Shin Chon Garden or Tian Chinese Cuisine in the same shopping center.  They're wonderful for Korean (ie. barbecue, rice bowls, etc.) and Korean-Chinese (black bean noodles), respectively.

Bangkok Delight
8825 Centre Park Drive #A
Columbia, MD 21045

NEAR: The Giant off Rte 108 just west of Howard High School and east of Rte 29. Bangkok Delight is in the shopping area just north of Giant. Look for the Burger King on the corner.


Jim S. said...

Of the two major Thai places close to us Bangkok Delight comes in second place. Bangkok Garden in Oakland Mills Village Center is better. We go to Bangkok Delight when we want quick service, since the service is quicker and it is closer, but we go to Bangkok Garden when we want "better" food. My wife also isn't a big fan of the umbrellas over us a Bangkok Delight since you can tell they haven't been cleaned/dusted in years. Bangkok Garden tends to attract more actual Thai people, but the service can be spotty.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I've had just the opposite experience re service. Brother-in-law and I tried Bangkok Delight for lunch. The service was so slow and poor we walked out before ordering. Bangkok Garden OTOH deteriorated when the management and chef changed a couple of years ago. My go-to Thai place is now Thai Aroma, in Golden Triangle. Sometimes called Tire Aroma, for the tire store next door.

Jim S. said...

Anonymous, I know what you mean about Bangkok Garden. Towards the end of the old owners their quality went down and for awhile the new owners weren't much better. After they got over their opening issues they were fine. More expensive then the original owners but the food is just as good. Never tried Bangkok Delight for lunch yet, little far from my office for lunch. I have heard of people having issues with their buffet.

Anonymous said...

My husband the Thai food expert (said in jest but he does love to eat more than anyone else I have met) only eats at Thai Aroma for maybe 9 years now. I have eaten there and liked it but it is the only place I have eaten so I can't compare to anything else. He likes his food spicy though and I think he said it was the only place where asked for food to be extra hot and spicy and actually was cooked that way so he always stuck with them.

Anonymous said...

We love Bangkok Delight. Never had a bad meal there.

Anonymous said...

We love Bangkok Delight. Never had a bad meal there.

SC said...

I love Bangkok Delight's curries, but their drunken noodles are sorely lacking in flavor and texture. I prefer Thai Aroma's drunken noodles and basil fried rice by a long shot.

J said...

Really guys?? Bangkok Delight has been mediocre forever, bland watered down food. Bangkok Garden is definitely more authentic and more delicious. They switched owners and were bumpy for a bit, but it has hit its stride again. To me there is no comparison.