Monday, October 14, 2013

Changes Coming To Twist & Turn Tavern And Jilly's? Grille 620 Appears To Have Opened

Has anyone heard about changes coming to the Twist & Turn Tavern in Highland or Jilly's in Ellicott City?

Over the weekend, I heard that the woman who used to run the front of the house at Facci has moved to Twist & Turn Tavern.  Talk was that they're adding outdoor seating (and I saw a new awning over the sidewalk when I drove through Saturday).  Talk was also that she was involved in getting a new chef for the tavern and that the food might change.

Anyone know more?  Anyone have recommendation at Twist & Turn?  It's an easy location right at Rte 216 and Rte 108, but I had assumed it was regular tavern food.  I'd love to hear about great dishes or new items.

This morning, John tweeted me to say that he had heard that Jilly's was closed or sold in Ellicott City.  he said "closed for good."  Does anyone know the news?  I can't open their Web page, and no one answered the phone when I called.  (Update: See Alicyn's comment below that Jilly's will be replaced by the White Oak Tavern.  Jilly's has news and photos on its Facebook page.)

On the opening side, Grille 620 appears to have opened in Turf Valley.  Jack emailed, and Chris posted with a report that sounds normal for a new restaurant -- pretty good steak and salmon with uneven service.

As a bonus, Trip Klaus posted a comment saying he had talked to the owners of the Bean & Burgundy that is coming to Rte 40 in Ellicott City.  Report is coffee all day, deli at lunch, and bigger dishes at dinner.  Let people know if you have reports or news on any of these places.


Alicyn DelZoppo said...

Jilly's closed last night according to their Facebook and The White Oak Tavern is supposed to go in its place

Anonymous said...

I've had lunch a couple of times at Twist and Turn. The food is unremarkable tavern food but all the staff are as nice as they can be. Great to here there may be a change in food

Trip Klaus said...

It appears that Raven Adalius Thomas is a partner in Grille620 according to tweets from Downtown Diane.

Anonymous said...

Here's the website for

It says they are "A tap house that serves exquisite, farm-to-table pub food."

Trip Klaus said...

Have to say coming from Bare Bones people, making fun of the displays left behind by Jilly's on twitter seems a bit rich.

Mike Sapp said...

The Buffalo wings are very good. Everything else is, well, tavern fare. Not bad by our county's standards, but nothing to gush about.

Robert Treat said...

Have to disagree with the comments on Twist & Turn. Folks in our office eat there pretty regulalry. The burgers are decent, but what I really liked were the spinach salad and perhaps best was the chorizo shrip quesadillas. Really good lunch option if you're working in that area of HoCo. Hopefully the changes won't be too disruptive.