Thursday, October 3, 2013

Corned Beef At New York Deli In Columbia

Corned beef from the New York Deli
Styrofoam plate on a cafe table right next to a parking lot.

That isn't where I'd expect you to find an exceptional sandwich, but I'm really captivated by the corned beef sandwich at the New York Deli in Columbia.

The deli sits on Snowden River Parkway in the same shopping center as Linda's Bakery and House of India.  It appears to be a Korean-run place, but I have enough hope for Jewish-Korean mixtures that I ordered with real expectations.

New York Deli delivers.  It's good light rye bread with right meaty, salty corned beef in between.  Sometimes, especially back in 2010 when I first ate there, I have gotten thick-cut meat.  On my last visit, the corned beef was almost shaved.  Either way, it's a special sandwich, and it's one of my favorites -- along with great finds like the gyro at Maiwand Kabob and almost anything at Bon Fresco Sandwich Bakery.  (Start with London broil, corned beef or turkey.)

What other sandwiches do people recommend?  I don't eat lunch in Howard County often, so I'm eager to share ideas with the regulars.


Anonymous said...

It's been years so hopefully they are still good, but I used to like Joe's Place on Minstrel Way. They close at 2:30 so no late lunches! I used to get the Turkey Powerhouse - minus the green pepper.

Elizabeth @ The Bare Midriff said...

I LOVE the caprese sandwich at Bon Fresco - loads of mozzarella, awesome basil pesto, tomatoes that somehow, year-round, don't taste like pink cardboard. My favorite meal there is half of one of those and a cup of soup. Super-yum!

Anonymous said...

If you love vietnamese "banh mi", you should try "Cafe Au Lait" in Ellicott City. Their grilled pork banh mi is delious! They use ciabatta bread in place of the traditional french baguette, which surprisingly goes well together.

Dan said...

jason's deli has a nice NY-style corn beef and pastrami sandwich, you just need to modify it a tad: have em hold the cheese, the mayo, the mustard and substitute some of the thousand island dressing from the salad bar and get a side of cole slaw. voila!

Unknown said...

I really like the Shrimp salad at NY Deli too...Large shrimp and very little "filler"