Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bean & Burgundy To Soft Open Nov. 5

Bean & Burgundy Bread will soft open November 5 -- according to the Ellicott City restaurant's announcement on its Facebook page.

Cindy Frazier spotted the announcement, and she posted on the HowChow Facebook page.  The new place is on the south side of Rte 40 west of Rte 29.  It looks like the menu will mix bakery items with a wine bar and a dinner menu.


Adam said...

I stopped in the first day. First off, what a handsome and modern interior. Second, love the menu concepts and the fusion of both old world bread and cafe concept with the fast casual korean food options. It's like a panera with both east and west flavors.

My Perfect Sky said...

I popped in on Monday as well. Agree with Adam on the beautiful interior...large and modern, cafeteria style. I had the chance to speak with Chef Justin, who was very friendly and recommended the Bibimbap omelet -- it was DELICIOUS, served with a mound of rice and watercress salad. We also tried the Bulgogi Panini, which was very good. They were giving out samples of their desserts, which we learned are from Patisserie Poupon, so you can't go wrong there. We tried the raspberry and passion fruit pastries.
I also spoke with Bruce, the cafe/tea/drink consultant. He was very excited about the tea offerings, sourced from Rishi-Teas. I had the Turmuric Lemon tea, which was flavorful, spicy, with just a hit of sweet. They plan to offer Bubble Tea as well, with their own house-made syrups, which I got excited about.
Service was a little spotty (they got my friends' food order wrong twice) but with it being the first day of soft open, easily forgiven as they work out kinks. I will definitely be back, since it's great place to relax, study, or hang out with friends. I think it fills a great niche that is part relaxed coffee shop, part upscale diner. Once they get their alcohol license, I can easily see how you could spend the whole day here, from coffee and breakfast to dinner and wine!