Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Red Mango Comes To Clarksville

Yogurt and toppings at Red Mango
I may have been wrong about the frozen yogurt chains.  I had written that I'm not sure I'd drive past one to taste another, but I'll be driving to Red Mango this summer.

I need to research.  I need to fill some cups, scoop some toppings.  We blew through Clarksville last weekend, and we found some pretty great stuff at the new shop.  Really creamy yogurt, fruit that has never been frozen, mochi squares that tasted like the special stuff at La Boulangerie.  

Red Mango follows the main line of the tart yogurt trend.  Modern decor.  Self-serve yogurt.  An array of toppings like fruit and candy.  But Red Mango may be a step above.  The yogurt flavors were outstanding.  Honey yogurt melts into honey on the tongue.  The blackberries that were a treasure in June.

I really suggest the frozen yogurt whether you try Red Mango or one of the other chains.  You can really create whatever you want.  All the chains have the tart flavors and Asian toppings that made the trend exotic.  But they also have flavors that taste pretty much like soft-serve ice cream and the sprinkles and candy to please any sundae traditionalist.

Do you have a favorite chain?  Or a favorite flavor?

Red Mango
6040 Daybreak Circle
Clarksville, MD 21029

NEAR: This is the village center on Rte 108 in Clarksville.  It's near the Giant.

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Alicyn DelZoppo said...

I really like Tutti Frutti in Maple Lawn....a ton of flavors and vast assortment of toppings! Tried it the other day, as I had been to the other two already.

Anonymous said...

Red Mango in River Hill is a disappointment for me. I'm not a fan of the product. I tried all the flavors and they all have an odd taste to them that just wasn't enticing.

Wendy said...

I tried it ... NEVER AGAIN. Horribly sour. I tried two flavors, my son tried one, all had this terrible sour taste. I was really made that I wasted the $ because we could not even finish it.

Unknown said...

I just tried it out tonight. I'm a big froyo enthusiast! I really liked it, and I liked the mocha squares too. I also liked the little gelatin balls that burst into strawberry flavor when you bit into them (though I forget what they were called). The staff was friendly and helpful.

@Wendy - I wouldn't say the yogurt was sour, per se. It definitely had a strong tartness that typically comes with yogurt, though. I kind of liked the tartness - makes it more "yogurty" than most froyos, many of which are closer to soft serve ice cream than yogurt.

Anonymous said...

Tutti Fruitti at Columbia Crossing is truly the best FroYo I've had in the area. Love the flavors and unlike the Tutti Fruitti on Rt. 40 the yogurt temperatures are cold enough so there is not grainy crystal texture in the yogurt. Love that place. Will have to give Red mango a try but TF is going to be hard to top

Anonymous said...

I tried them for the first time today.
I was unimpressed. Quite crystally, not as smooth as I'd like. Also way overpriced. I made a small swirl in the plastic cups, no toppings, and it cost about $4.50.
At those prices they should be serving me.