Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cotton Candy At The Columbia Mall

Cotton candy from the Columbia Mall.
Apparently, there is a stand in the Columbia Mall selling really delicious cotton candy -- fluffy, flavorful floss that melts in your mouth.

Anyone know the name?

I got the cotton candy -- and a rough description that it's a stand near Forever 21 and the fountain -- from someone in my house who is related to me by marriage.  (H/t Satchmo.)  Maybe it had a circus theme with other circus food?  Apparently, there are some people who don't photograph all the food that they eat.

The cotton candy is delicious.  It was airy.  It was sweet.  It was good after spending more than a day sealed in its plastic bag.   That's pretty impressive for pre-made cotton candy.  Great for a treat.  Great enough, Mrs. HowChow suggests, to serve on a pretty plate as a dinner party dessert.


Anonymous said...

HoCo Littles represent!

Marcia said...

I think cotton candy "disappears" when it's exposed to air for any length of time. So not sure it'd work on a dessert plate. Very interesting that a stand would be selling it at the mall, I didn't think folks ate it much any more.

perrik said...

Perhaps cotton candy is the latest trendy treat? Golden Corral has new commercials boasting about their special summer dessert offering, "fresh-spun cotton candy".

HowChow said...

@Marcia -- The candy is actually really fun on a dessert plate. There is a restaurant in Virginia that used to bring out a bowl of it to every table. It was a big hit. I imagine cotton candy for people to pull off pieces and a plate of cookies.

I don't think the candy evaporates as much as aire makes it harden and go stale.

Anonymous said...

Grillfire restaurant (at one of the hotels at Arundel Mills) brings cotton candy to every table when the diners are done with dinner and dessert. It was good too!

Anonymous said...

The stand is there by the fountain and its called "sweet treat" they have the best cotton candy ever, always fresh and they have offers when you buy a second one you get a $1 off. You can get cotton candy, fresh popcorn in different flavors, and a lot of chocolate covered nuts