Friday, June 15, 2012

Roots Throwing A Party This Weekend -- Cheese!

Roots Market in Clarksville is throwing its 12th birthday party this weekend.  They have discounts from Saturday to Monday -- with cheese kicking off with 15% off on Saturday.  I do love the mini cheeses on the salad bar.


S. said...

Yes, we love their mini-cheese idea! As you've said, it allows taste-tests without having to commit to a large chunk. Discovered a yummy goat milk Gouda that way. And love their smoked Gouda as well.

Speaking of Roots Market, anyone know what's up with their website, did they lose their domain name? Maybe I'm misremembering but I thought they used to have a nice site. Now only the Great Sage site seems to be around:

There are links to Roots, Bark, & Nest on the bottom of the Great Sage page but those links lead only to a generic non-related page.

Anonymous said...

Roots Market's page is where it always has been:

Anonymous said...

While we are talking about Dairy... Priegels Ice Cream has arrived in Howard County! You can find it at High's on the corner of Rogers Avenue and Normandy Drive. The Priegel's have farmed in Maryland for more than 100 years and are now making their own ice cream. Highs is doing a test run to see if there is a market for local ice cream. It's GREAT!

S. said...

To Anonymous 2:49pm, very strange! The page you cite is the same one that I was using (I got there via the link on greatsage) but when I was there, it looked nothing like it does today. The page now looks like the one I remember from the past. Maybe they were doing site maintenance.

To Anonymous 7:35, thanks for the tip. We love ice cream & frozen yogurt, will give Priegels a try.