Friday, June 8, 2012

Replay: Cold Drinks For The Hot Summer

Watermelon agua fresca at R&R Taqueria
As we kick into summer, you should keep your eyes out for some delicious ways to stay cool.

Put down your can of cola and check out last summer's posts about cold drinks -- a mango shake, a watermelon cooler, a salted plum soda and an iced mocha.

Those were the "Cold Drink Week" posts.  Mango Grove has changed locations, but those drinks will still hit the spot on a hot day.  Any other suggestions for cool drinks that go beyond a bottle of soda?  (Not that I'm against picking up a soda -- or recommending that you try one from India, Turkey, or some other spot.)

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Bobo said...

The horchata at Tere's Mexican market on Route 40 is delicious -- milky with a cinnamon hint.