Thursday, June 14, 2012

The HowChow Spot At Columbia's New Wegmans

Parking lot cafe at the new Wegmans
Even before it opens, there is a HowChow spot at the new Columbia Wegmans -- a parking lot cafe on the side of the store.

From the right table, you'll be able to eat your Wegmans goodies while watching both McGaw Road and a two-story parking garage.  That's an unprecedented opportunity -- even in a county where we celebrate spots where you can eat while watching your own automobile.

I'm hoping for a robust preview of the new Wegmans on Friday morning.  Rob is scheduled to tour today, and he'll send over his report and photos.  I tagged along Tuesday night to the event for medical professionals.  I sampled the food and only saw the prepared food area.  The funniest part was listening to three women talk about "Where I had my first Wegmans."

The Wegmans plan is that I'll post Rob's report on Friday and then post again Saturday morning so people can add their own comments as the day goes along.  Other folks are posting too -- including Ian Kennedy (hat tip to Lanny) who got farther into the store and photographed the power bar aisle.


Cate in Columbia said...

I went to a preview on Tuesday night. It's going to be an amazing place to shop!

Jay said...

I'm looking forward to shopping there, but I might wait a few months for the initial novelty to subside.

wordbones said...


...and if you strain your neck, just a little, you can also see a storm water management pond just across the street!


Anonymous said...

Enjoying the preview reports. We are planning to go at 7AM on Sunday. I'm wondering how many others are going to be there.

Ian Kennedy said...
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Ian K. said...

Clearly I've lost my blogging chops. Tried posting this above but it didn't register my account or the link. Anyway, here's my full album from the preview tour yesterday:

href=">Flickr album

perrik said...

I was at Trader Joe's yesterday and noticed that they were promoting a Customer Appreciation event... to be held on the day before Wegmans opens.

Nah, must be a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Traffic sign up on Snowden this AM.
"Event June 17. Expect Delays."

Yah. No kidding.