Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ginger Candies At Family Market in Columbia

Royal King ginger candies at Family Market
Still looking for a gateway drug to try a Korean supermarket? Consider ginger candy, which you can eat as a sweet or claim as a medicine.

Ginger supposedly settles a stomach.  You can claim them as something useful.  But I buy them for the fiery ginger flavor in each individually-wrapped piece.  The candy has a slight chew like a gummi texture.  It's a strong flavor, but refreshing at the end.

Family Market in Columbia has two brands of ginger candy.  Our top choice is Royal King in the yellow bag.  We really like another brand with a green package, but we didn't save enough of the package to remember the name (or where I picked it up).  You can find them at H Mart in Catonsville, Super Grand in Laurel, or Lotte in Ellicott City.


Steven said...

Just as a heads up, Trader Joe's also sells these!

Matt Boyle said...

I love these. They are Like 3 times the price at trader Joe's though. If you like these you should try the ginger tea that comes in a jar and looks like jelly they have a couple of kinds of them at family market.

perrik said...

If you're prone to motion sickness, ginger candies are a great airplane snack as the ginger combats nausea and your mouth will feel fresh and snappy. After a long flight, I appreciate having *some* part of me feeling fresh and snappy...

(hmm, ginger snowballs, would that be the best airplane snack ever?)

Quick digression: I was in Maple Lawn on June 6 and there was a Tutti Frutti truck parked in front of the new location (across from Looney's Pub). It looks like they'll be open very soon! Even though the Maple Lawn BP station offers tart frozen yogurt, I'm really looking forward to this by-the-ounce option!

Anonymous said...

The ginger tea is great, a couple of scoops in hot water. Mmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Favorite ginger snack is the bulk sugared ginger at David's. At $3.99/lb, not only is it refreshing and interesting, but it's cheap, too!

It's much better than ordinary crystalized ginger, which I find too candied (and having off-flavors) for my taste.