Friday, June 8, 2012

Link: Laurel Baker's Win Profiled In The Sun

Patti McDermott, a cake decorator at Kake Korner in Laurel, won a cake-decorating contest in Westminster and got profiled by Sara Toth in the Sun.

Kake Korner is a bakery a few blocks north of Main Street on U.S. 1.  McDermott talks in the article about being inspired by the Ace of Cakes show, and it sounds like her creations are part of the creative trend where cakes can become centerpieces and art on their own.

As I have mentioned before, we're not a big cake house.  We go more for the dense ones like Sweet Streets Desserts' carrot cake and Cuba de Ayer's tres leches.  But Kake Korner seems like fun -- and an option on a scene that includes Touche Touchet, Oh What A Cake, Linda's Bakery and more.

Hat tip to the MM on the 53 Beers On Tap blog, who wrote about Toth's article.  The MM seems to be talking to people who say nothing good is going on along the U.S. 1 corridor, but I'm not sure who that would be.


Anonymous said...

We have been getting cakes from them for years. They are better than anything else we have tasted around here. I typically love chocolate but their yellow cake is amazing. Now I wish I had a reason to order one today.

Courtney C. said...

We ordered my son's First Birthday 'smash' cakes from Kake Korner. They do free samples and my son loved the sample he tried. It was an easy choice for us. They were a pleasure to work with and the cakes turned out just as I imagined. I would absolutely order from them again. Their pricing was great too.