Friday, February 18, 2011

Tres Leches Cake At Cuba De Ayer

Mrs. HowChow doesn't like cake, but we both love the tres leches cake at Cuba de Ayer in Burtonsville.

Cuba de Ayer bakes their cakes and then bathes them (I assume) in the traditional mix of milk, condensed milk and evaporated milk.  The cake soaks up the liquid and cream.

There is a magic spot where you're moister than bread pudding or French toast, but not so wet that the dessert becomes soggy and collapses.  At Cuba de Ayer, nothing falls apart.  The tres leches cake just becomes moist and creamy, firm enough to stand but soft enough that a spoon scoops everything up.

Top that with whipped cream, and it's a decadent dessert even though it isn't as sweet as chocolate or many other options.  You're not going to do better than a simple meal of Cuban sandwiches and a tres leches cake.


RDAdoc said...

I have a friend in Philly who absolutely LOVES tres leches. If she ever comes to visit I now know where to take her!

Anonymous said...

For something closer, Zapata's has a darn good Tres Leches as well.

Mo said...

Mmm, I love tres leches cake! It's the easiest thing in the world to make. (

I never frost it with more than lightly sweetened whipped cream, since it's so rich... and maraschino cherries, just a few.

And leftovers. It makes a killer breakfast. Not.... that I would eat cake for breakfast.. or anything like that... :)

Yaka said...

I just introduced my boyfriend (hater of all things sweet) to tres leches when we had dinner at El Hidalgo. It was not bad, with a nice hint of cinnamon shining through that light, creamy topping and rich cake.

There should be a tres leches showdown!

sherringham said...

Love this cake at Cuba de Ayer. Sometime I go for takeout and always grab two pieces of cake to go!

Trip Klaus said...

If you have to venture into Montgomery County, and like beer, the Dogfish Alehouse in Gaithersburg is offering Tres Leches cake on their current specials menu.