Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Did The Dog House Pub Close In Columbia?

Did the Dog House Pub in Columbia close?

There is a comment from Junior Barnes on an old post saying that the Dog House Pub was closed last weekend, and I can't reach anyone through the phone number or Web site listed on Urbanspoon.  This is the pub in the Long Reach village center.

(Update: Check the comments.  It sounds like Dog House closed a while ago.  This isn't Pub Dog -- also in Columbia, but just off McGaw Road near Noodles Corner and Riverside Coffee.)


Dianne said...

I live nearby and go to Chick n Friends and Gourmet Garden occassionally. The last time I did carry out from GG (their online delivery service rocks!), the Dog House Pub looked like it had been closed....for several months.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

This is not to be confused with the Dog Pub "brewpub outlet" down in the same shopping center on Stamford Road that Frisco Grille was in, right? Not the same place at all, correct?

Dianne said...

No, not the same place

Way NE MoCo said...

Yep, Dog House Pub is closed, and has been for quite a few months. (Not the Dog Pub.)