Sunday, February 6, 2011

Link: Soretti's Ethiopian on Rida Allen's Blog

Soretti's Ethiopian Cuisine gets written up on Rida Allen's author-blog -- a positive review even from a diner who doesn't relish hot food or the taste of the Ethiopian bread injera.

I'm always impressed by people who find something that they like even when a restaurant's basics aren't in the their comfort zone.  Rida doesn't eat much spicy food, and she didn't love her first experience with the spongy injera.  But she enjoyed the lentil sambusas and sampled an enormous shared platter to discover that she loved the injera soaked with the mild chicken tibs.

That's the fun of new places, and I absolutely recommend Soretti's, which is a casual storefront on Rte 198 in Burtonsville.  Many people find injera to be either strange or unwelcoming.  But the stews -- especially for vegetarians who can eat well from lentils and vegs -- are a unique, delicious flavor.  Soretti's is a fine place to give yourself a chance to enjoy some part.

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