Monday, September 19, 2011

Veg Week: The Vegetarian Roll At Sushi Sono

The vegetarian options in a sushi place often range from non-existant to uninspiring, but Sushi Sono delivers a special option that would anchor a fine meal.

The vegetarian roll comes out wrapped in pink.  That's fun on its own, but you order the vegetarian roll for the same unique balancing of flavors that make all of the unique "chefs" rolls and that make Sushi Sono one of the best restaurants in Howard County.

The pink soy wrapper contains distinct bands of seaweed salad, mushrooms, pickled carrot, fried sweet potato, and avocado.  The textures make the roll something special --  crunchy, tart pickles, crisp carrots and the smoothness of avocado.

I'd recommend the vegetarian roll for anyone because those flavors contrast nicely with the fish and spiciness that dominate so many other special rolls.  We paired it with the No. 14 roll and the "sushi nugget" roll.

For the vegetarian, I'd recommend starting with edamame and then supplementing the pink special roll with the agedofu appetizer, seaweed salad or a few smaller vegetable rolls like shittake and asparagus or asparagus, cucumber and avocado.  Ask what they recommend because Sushi Sono's chefs will make special rolls if you suggest ingredients.

Of course, vegetarians could always go with vegetable tempura, but I don't eat many meals these days of fried anything.  I'm sure that Sushi Sono makes light tempura, but I have never felt drawn away from rolls when I see tempura on another table.

This is part of Veg Week here at HowChow.  With Mango Grove temporarily closed as it relocates, we're suggesting some other spots where you could please a vegetarian friend or please yourself.  Obviously, any local vegetarian should check out the vegan kitchen at Great Sage in Clarksville.  Or click on all the HowChow posts that we have marked on the theme.


K8teebug said...

Please highlight the tofu black bean burrito at Frisco's this week! I've been eating it for 16 years now and it's still one of my favorite veggie food items.

Anonymous said...

PS It's called "Yasai Maki" and it's really really good paired with Age Tofu (minus the bonito and sauce for the strict vegetarian). It's very filling and you probably won't need to order another roll if you get it with an appetizer. I've been eating it for years (since before it was on the menu) and it is always good. Such a mix of flavors - your palate will never be bored.

Flissy said...

Yeah, Agetofu is generally covered in bonito flakes, so it is non-veg. I really like the Yasai Maki rolls at Sushi Sono, but hubs and I prefer Hanamura. We like the homey atmosphere and the sweet potato tempura rolls are awesome!!! They veg noodle bowls are really good, too.