Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Yogurt In Elkridge. New Japanese In Columbia? And Bugogi Tacos That You're Hiding

Why are you people holding out on me?  It was only by watching the #hoco Twitter feed that I happened to catch @jas_ing mention a new coffee shop in Columbia serving bulgogi tacos.

A new coffee shop in Columbia?

Serving bulgogi tacos?

And no one emailed me?   No one said, "You have to check out Anna's Coffee Roastery on Centre Park Drive.  They're serving breakfast and lunch, including Korean tacos"  To make it worse, @jas_ing tweeted that he'd been in Anna's listening to two women talking about the HowChow blog.

People, people.  If you're in line in a new coffee shop talking about this blog, then you should snap a cell phone photo and email me.  Share the news -- and a quick review of those bulgogi tacos.  Luckily some other facts are sending updates:

  • There is a sign saying "Katana" on the Hickory Ridge village center space that was formerly the Maruha Japanese restaurant, reports Brad.  He asked me if this was related to the Katana Sushi in Clarksville.  I have no idea -- and no idea if either are connected to the Katana Sushi in Elkridge.
  • Speaking of Elkridge, there are signs for a new Japanese restaurant -- but no name -- in the U.S. 1 shopping center with Great Wall Chinese, reports Mark in an email.  This looks to be a few blocks north of Rte 100.
  • While you're waiting for those places to open, you apparently can bide your time with frozen yogurt from a new place off Rte 100 in Elkridge.  LaCasaDeSweets tweeted that the new yogurt joint is called Yogopop.


Junior Barnes said...

Here's the menu for Anna's.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Anna's for having some vegetarian options on the menu. :)

dzoey said...

I don't know about the new Katana, but the Clarksville and Elkridge (and Annapolis and Mt. Airy) Katana's are related. It's a family chain, so there are some differences depending on who is running them. The one in Elkridge is including more towards Chinese food than the others, but they all follow the same basic pattern.
I find the Katanas inconsistent - mistakes not being caught before dishes come to the table. Once corrected they're pretty good though.

Morty Abzug said...

The new Katana is called "Katana Japanese Steak House" rather than "Katana Sushi." They tried a soft open on Sunday. One of the guys inside said that they were not affiliated with the Elkridge or Clarksville Katana Sushi places, although I'm not sure he completely understood me. The carry-out menu doesn't reference other locations, either.

I did some carry-out. It was reasonably tasty.

Marylander said...

Speaking of looking for restaurants. Does anyone klnow if "WOK 175" which was located near Dobbin and 175 has resurfaced? They offerred soem of the best Chinese Food in Howadr County. I miss them!

kam said...

Yogopop is still under construction. No signs yet on when it will open, though it's looking close.

I thought the Clarksville and Elkridge Katana started out with the same owners, but then the Elkridge one changed over and the new owners added the Chinese food. The Japanese menus are still the same at both, though. I haven't encountered any mistakes in my orders, though I usually get the same items for carryout.

Haven't heard anything about Wok 175 in years and years. (For those of you who don't know, it was in the space most recently occupied by Mirchi Wok.) I don't know if the owners opened up a new place or have just vanished into the mists of time.


Morty Abzug said...

Katana in Hickory Ridge is officially open. The wife and I did a hibachi lunch there on Saturday.