Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sweetcakes Brings Cupcakes From Ellicott City

Hello Sweetcakes!  You must tell us more about yourself.

I noticed a bakery called Sweetcakes on Twitter today, and it kicked off a little excitement from people who thought that "cupcake" and "delivery" could make some adventures.

I can track Sweetcakes back to a Facebook page, but I don't know more.  They call themselves a cupcake catering business.  How do you order?  Where?  How much?  Anyone know the story?

(Update:  There is more on the Facebook page than I realized.  DanaB noted in a comment below that the phone number -- and the $20 per dozen price -- is on the Facebook "info" page.)


DanaB said...

They've added some info on their Info page on Facebook. $20 a dozen but they ask that you do all one flavor if possible. There location and more is there as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi HowChow! My name is Christine, and I am the owner of Sweetcakes! Thanks so much for the love! We have been around for almost a year now, but have been growing and haven't done much advertising except for our facebook page... finally got around to making a twitter and WOW the feedback has been unreal! We do not have a storefront (yet) which is why we are a cupcake catering business. We deliver for events- weddings, baby/bridal showers, birthday parties, you name it! All of the info on flavors, pricing, etc, can be found on facebook.com/lovesweetcakes under the Info tab. To order, or for additional questions, email cmh.sweetcakes@gmail.com, post on our facebook wall, or call 443-824-2622. Stay tuned for events and other info!!! xoxo thanks again!