Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Baltimore Sun Business Plan: Instructing Underage Kids Where They Can Buy Liquor

Apparently, the Sun has realized that its new pay wall will cost it on-line readers, and they're looking to drum up more business.

This week's offering:  Erik Maza's guide for Howard County teenagers about local places that sell alcohol to the underaged.  The Sun deserves the clicks, so I won't list all five places here.  But it brought back memories of how great it felt to finally buy beer without fear of arrest.

It's unclear if this will be part of a weekly feature by the Sun.  (I had heard Richard Gorelick will be trying to reach the kids by reviewing Aida Bistro & Wine Cooler Bar.)  Probably, the bosses will just chicken out and claim that this is some warning the public or a "news" story about police actions.  Too bad because it is certainly the kind of information that would have gotten me to subscribe in high school.

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