Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Links: New Sushi In Kings Contrivance, Aida Bistro's Wine By The Glass In The WPost

There is a new restaurant called Nari Sushi coming to King's Contrivance village center in Columbia, reports the P90 Noir blog.

Aida Bistro & Wine Bar in Columbia gets a huge plug from the WPost, which talks up the wine-by-the-glass program and the wine in kegs.  (Thanks to Sarah Says for seeing the article and tweeting.)

(Updated the right name.)


Anonymous said...

Name is Nari Sushi not Sushi Nara per same Facebook update.

Cate in Columbia said...

In really don't like the wine via tap at Aida. Seems to me not the quality they used to have and really very expensive. I used to love Aida- not much of a fan now.