Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome To The Howard County Party Blog!!

Welcome to the new Howard County blog covering the late-night scenes -- HoCo Hangover.

A "Power Hour" with $1 mixed drinks would pretty much knock down HowChow.  But HoCo Hangover gets the drinks, remembers it all, and writes it down.  First post -- Union Jack in Columbia.  And they have a bucket list of bars and restaurants that they need to hit.  This could be great fun -- definitely fun to have another blog writing about Howard County food.

I already see that they need to add Judge's Bench, Kloby's Smokehouse and T Bonz Grille, which all do craft beer.  They need to try Rainpia for beer and Korean fried chicken.  And they need to tell me about the secret place -- the one with blue lights above Johnny's Bistro on Main Street.  What other nightlife do you recommend?


wordbones said...


The place with the blue lights is Sharkey's and it would be a good addition to HoCo Hangovers bucket list.


HowChow said...

Very impressive. You may be ready to start a nightlife blog yourself.

HoCo said...

Thanks so much for the post and especially for all the awesome recommendations! They've been added to our good ol' Bucket List, and we look forward to checking them out.

Linda of HoCo Hangover