Sunday, January 2, 2011

Buffalo Wild Wings in Columbia - What Happened?

Anyone know if the Buffalo Wild Wings is still coming to Dobbin Road in Columbia?

It has been almost a year since people were talking about the chain demolishing and replacing the former Rocky Run restaurant, but the shuttered building was still there last week.  Neither Wordbones nor I have heard anything.


Dave W said...

Good question. I actually went to the BWW website a few weeks ago with the same question and they don't even mention a Columbia location as "Coming Soon" in the way they do for other future locations.

Anonymous said...

Remomo's Cafe is closing at Arundel Mill and the owner told us that they will open up a Buffalo Wild Wings in place of Remomo's Perhaps the chain changed their mind about the Columbia location and chose to move it to Arundel Mills instead?

I am not happy about this at all.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous - I heard that, too. I'm not happy that Remomo's is closing (best pizza ever). And I'm doubly not happy by it being replaced with a chain restaurant (one that is not so hot IMO).

Wino_II said...

Saw the sign at Arundel Mills yesterday "Buffalo Wild Wings coming soon". Right across from the movie theater where Remomos was. The entire area inside was empty and construction was full steam ahead.