Saturday, January 1, 2011

Spotted: Leche Flan At Manila Asian Market

The Filipino market next to the Dutch Country Farmers Market in Laurel was selling leche flan this weekend, but Min just missed out on the last two.

Min snapped a picture as the last two packages went out the door.   They say that they're made in Gaithersburg, and Min got the idea that they were a special seasonal item.

Manila Asian Foods
9709 Fort Meade Road (Rte 198)
Laurel, MD 

NEAR: Manila Asian Foods shares a shopping center with the Dutch Country Farmers Market in Laurel.  They're east of U.S. 1 and just past a Home Depot.

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Anonymous said...

Leche Flan is not necessarily a seasonal item. It's just not consistently available at most of the area Filipino markets. I often spot it at the Filipino market in Beltsville in the small strip center on Montgomery Road at U.S. 1. (Behind Pepperpot Cafe.)
The Filipino market in Glen Burnie on Baltimore Annapolis Blvd. near the courthouse complex also sells it.
So does Kubo in Kensington.
Timing is everything. :-)