Thursday, January 27, 2011

Link: Alcoholic Whipped Cream On Sarah Says

Whipped cream fortified with grain alcohol -- Sarah found entertainment for your snow day at the Owen Brown Liquor & Spirits in Columbia.

Sarah blogs about "Whipped Lightening" and using it to top hot chocolate.  I assume this is available elsewhere.

Remember to check the bottles carefully.  Liquor stores sometimes try to pass off Whipped Lightening as the legendary 2005 vintage.  That hot dry summer in Provence brought out magical fruity notes in the alcoholic whipped cream.  It hasn't happened since, so don't pay top dollar for standard "whipanol."


Wendi said...

You can also get it at Northridge Wine & Spirits next to the Superfresh in Ellicott City.

Tim said...

Saw that this weekend at Kelly's Liquor on Montgomery Road (Near 103/104 Intersection)

Barbi said...

I saw this at Jason's Liquors on Rt.40 They also have some really nice sales going on now. I picked up a bottle of the Dry Creek Sauv. Blanc for $13.99...good price and a refreshing bottle of wine.

Brian - Baltimore Beer Guy said...

I had some at T-Bonz the other day, the bar manager Chris offered a quick splash of it. Its very boozy in flavor.