Friday, January 7, 2011

Link: Old Bay Wings On Swim Write Run Blog

The Friday "food versus food" battle turns to chicken wings on the Swim Write Run blog -- and the Old Bay wings at Second Chance Saloon in Columbia edged out their rivals at Twist & Turn Tavern in Highland.

The post details the wing-by-wing battle.  Then Wordbones comments on about the similar wings at T-Bonz Grille.


Dianne said...

I like my wings hot and dripping with more hot sauce goodness but I must say that once at The Second Chance my guy ordered them Old Bay Style-extra crispy and they were quite good! We also like the fried pickles!

Robert said...

I like having the best of both worlds. Get the Old Bay wings with some Buffalo sauce on the side. Awesome.

BeerGuy said...

Not HoCo but they're really good at Owl Bar, the former speakeasy in the Belvedere Hotel in Mt. Vernon right across from Brewer's Art.