Friday, January 21, 2011

Firkins, Oysters And Kloby's Smokehouse News

I'm back to Kloby's Smokehouse -- a quick stop for my first firkin beer and oysters on the half shell.

Kloby's has been having special events where they bring in an oyster shucker and serve beer from an uncarbonated cask.  Flying Dog packed a cask of Raging Bitch India Pale Ale.  That was my favorite beer of last summer, and it's a cool variation out of a firkin.
Our Oyster Master

The beer pours without carbonation.  Still the fresh flavor and a bitter end.  But smoother than the bottled version.  The Baltimore Beer Guy mentioned a "sweet tea" vibe to firkin Raging Bitch.  I'll say it was delicious with the half-shelled oysters, which were mild and light.  Mrs. HowChow snacked on macaroni and cheese.  She added a pinch of salt, but then she does that for most of the food that I cook.

Kyle was at firkin night as well, and he said that fried oysters were even better.  We both liked the homemade cocktail sauce -- enough horseradish for a good bite.

These firkins are a craft beer happening.  Frisco Tap Room in Columbia introduced the idea to me, but I had some mistaken idea that the firkin involved filtering the beer through extra hops.  Instead, it's just a small key perched on the bar.  Slightly warmer than the regular taps and pouring fresh beer as long as it lasts.  If you want to hear about these events, keep an ear on Chef Kloby's Twitter feed.

Watch Kloby's for Super Bowl news.  Kloby's plans a pig roast tailgate.  Something like $25 will buy you a seat for the game, and Kloby's will offer up a buffet and a portable pig roast out in the parking lot.

And they're aiming to open their expanded space around St. Patrick's Day.


Mo said...

Wow, I'll have to look out for the next oyster event. This sounds great!

Chris said...

I think I am about through sampling their menu now. I have tried all their ribs in the last week and they are just mediocre. They must be close to your house or something for you to be pimping them this much. And oysters? This is what I'm talking about. Crazy mix of nonsense. Bring on the slurpees and gas. kthnxbye

UhOhBadDog said...

Ya know "Chris", it's one thing to disagree with HowChow on a topic, but to be rude and insulting to him is wholly unacceptable, considering he writes this blog on his own time and dime, in an effort to offer a forum on food for our community. He has always been open to differing opinions, new ideas, education, and fresh perspectives, and yet you roll in here like he's some celebrity you think you have to knock down. You clearly don't understand the spirit of blogging, so please do us all a favor and crawl back under your rock.

Baltimore Beer Guy said...

The oysters are a fun thing to do for the patrons to mix things up. Its levity, something the 2nd comment seems to be missing.

Sarah said...

We finally went to Kloby's for the first time yesterday. Yum. Don't know what took us so long.