Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, New Food To Try -- Recommendations Like AYCE Hot Pot, Questions About Clark's Beef

In just the last few days, I have picked up weeks worth of food that I want to check out from comments or reports from HowChow readers.  Over the holidays, I culled old comments to make myself a new list of things to try:

  • All-you-can-eat hot pot at Hunan Taste in Catonsville.  This went on my list when I saw the photo linked from a comment by Yaka.  I have never had hot pot before, although I saw one at Red Pearl last week on another table.  Any advice on how to do it?
  • Nepali food at Gateway Pizza in Elkridge.  It's a shop selling pizzas and Indian food.  I had tried the pizza years ago, but I hadn't heard about the momos until Morty left a comment.
  • The turkey peppercorn sandwich at Bistro Blanc.  I hadn't been back since a disasterous dinner in 2009, but Adam talked up a sandwich with brie and apples.
  • El Hidalgo has been on my "to do" list for a while, but now I need to try the tamale that Michelle ordered.
  • The egg & cheese on a croissant that Jess had at Bon Appetit and wrote about on her blog Seeking Nutrition.
  • Sausage from Scittino's in Catonsville.  An anonymous commentor says they make their own -- from bangers to Lithuanian sausage.
On top of my "to do" list, there were a few other questions that people asked.  Specifically, has anyone tried the beef from Clark's Elioak Farm?  I got an anonymous question, but I haven't eaten it.


lori said...

Yes, we tried the beef from Clark's this past summer and sadly, were not impressed. My husband said that it was mediocre and he'd had better ribeyes from Safeway!!

Marcia said...

It depends on what you're looking for when it comes to beef. I want beef that is guaranteed NOT fed any sort of food that includes meat meal. I buy my beef from Nick Maravell in Potomac (Nick's Organic Beef), admittedly not HoCo. The beef does not melt in your mouth, but it's not tough, it's how beef that is not mass-produced should be. My uncles used to raise Angus beef for the family, not using any weird fattening-up methods, and this is how their beef was.

Adam said...

I'd go with any of Bistro Blanc's sandwiches. That Peppercorn Turkey made one of my Top 10 Eats of the Year at GrubGrade!

lucky little bird said...

I don't know about the sausages at Scittino's, but we order their white pizza regularly, and love their Italian cold cut subs (Elizabeth Large made mention of them sometime ago...)

Anonymous said...

Random Question: DOes anyone know where I can find fresh kielbasa?

Anonymous said...

I have not found fresh kielbasa in HC but go to Ostrowski's at the Broadway Market in Fells Point. Don't know if they have it all the time but always have it for Easter.

Jess said...

We bought beef from Clark's several times this summer. I don't think it's the best beef I've ever had, but pretty good, and I like knowing what I'm getting.

Amelia said...

I bought a link of fresh kielbasa from Treuth's in Oella a few days before Christmas. Tasty and cheap but very garlicky. Maybe I'm just used to the smoked ones.

Vida said...

There are two separate Ostrowski sausage companies. Ostrowski of Bank Street's kielbasas are sold at various groceries. Check their web site for locations:

Ostrowski's, on Washington St., only sells their sausage at their shop on Washington St.

Also, Scittino's makes fresh kielbasa.