Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We Need Red Pearl's Chinese Menu

Dzoey reported in a comment last month that he had talked to the manager at Jade Billows, the Potomac restaurant owned by the people who are opening Red Pearl on the lake in Columbia.

The Jade Billows food was "good, though mildly spiced," according to Dzoey.  It's apparently a Cantonese restaurant, and Red Pearl will have the same menu -- including a separate menu in Chinese of dishes that are presumably aimed at the authentic market:
He also showed me the Chinese menu and indicated that it would be available as well and the waiters could translate since there were no translations on the menu.
Sounds lovely, but that's not how we roll in Howard County.  In Howard County, one person translates your Chinese menu for you.  Then the nut job posts the translation on a blog, and people carry it to the table looking for something authentic and delicious and posting on HowChow or Chowhound.  Eventually, you translate it officially and start handing it out at the front door.  It's a fun little story if you want to read old posts, and it is way better than asking a waiter to read a menu aloud.

So who can email me Jade Billows' Chinese menu?  If not that, who can get a copy once they open Red Pearl next to Sushi Sono?  (And if Wai or anyone else would volunteer to translate, please send me an email so that I can send the menu to you.)

(Update: Red Pearl has opened, according to a comment.  If you want to report about Red Pearl's food, please comment on the most-recent Red Pearl post like the one about the Sichuan menu being available.)


theminx said...

So that's replacing Jesse Wong's Hong Kong, eh? Good luck to them. And I hope you get the menu to translate! I'm so spoiled, it's difficult for me to enjoy American-style Chinese food anymore.

Anonymous said...

I certainly wish Red Pearl well - somehow that location has been jinxed over the 16+ years I've lived in Howard County. I'll definitely give them a try.

Jade's Mama said...

Bring it, Brent! If someone happens to get a copy of the Jade Billows traditional Chinese menu to you, I'd be happy to take a crack at it. I've been dying to know myself what is on that menu. Let's show these folks at Red Pearl how Howard County likes their Chinese food (and menu)!

HowChow said...

@Jade -- I haven't gotten the menu yet, but I love the offer. Email me. The address should be in the right column close to this comment so that I have an email where I could send you the menu.