Monday, May 31, 2010

Link: Pioneer Pit Beef On Black Coffee & A Donut

As heaven has commanded, Pioneer Pit Beef continues to win all pit beef taste tests -- including Erin's post today on Black Coffee and a Donut.

Erin tested the Canopy in Ellicott City and Pioneer in Woodlawn.  Good to see people come eat in the suburbs, although although she has clearly absorbed enough of that big-city living to take a smack at "the chain restaurants of Rte 40."  (All the Baltimore hipsters should come running to Rte 40 for the un-chain taste of Shin Chon Garden or Honey Pig.)

Pioneer remains the best pit beef -- delicious thin-sliced sandwiches served from a literal shack in the shadow of I-70.  Still one of my favorite things.


K8teebug said...

Love this place!

kitchengeeking said...

Can Annapolis hipsters come out there too? The land of Rte. 40 west of Bal'mer is a blank slate for me. That part of the world I skirt around taking 97 to 100 to 29 to 70 on my way to mountain getaways.

I ditched 70 yesterday on the way back in from Clear Springs to Hagerstown and then small roaded it across through Smithsburg and Thurmont on the far-west part of the trip. I should just take 40 all the way next time and stop in every parking lot to see what restaurants are where, shouldn't I?

Anonymous said...

Aurgh. Once again, the lines will be long at my favorite pit beef joint. Make sure you know what you want on your sandwich when the guys taking your order ask because they keep the line moving swiftly if you do. BTW, it is cash only.

Adam said...

I would also suggest the Town Grille in Lisbon for pulled meat. Right on the border of HoCo and CaCo, but they do a good job smoking.

Erin said...

Thanks for the link! And I have heard great things about Honey Pig - definitely worth the long and treacherous journey to the 'burbs ;)

Thanks again!