Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trolling: Mexican Pasta, Hush Puppies & The Delicate Balancing Act Of Frozen Yogurt

Kristi offers up today's Trolling post heavy on a single shopping center.  A sliver of Johns Hopkins Road is called Laurel even though it sits between Columbia, Fulton and Scaggsville -- separated from real Laurel by Rte 29.  That shopping center packs in diners between La Palapa Too, Kloby's BBQ, Facci Ristorante, and Ginza of Tokyo.  Parking in the main lot can be scarce, although some commenters recommend parking in the empty day care center parking lot about 50 yards away.
Pasta Azteca at La Palapa Too: Fettuccine noodles served with shrimp and scallops in a delicious Mexican inspired red sauce.  The shrimp and scallops are always a decent size, and they’re generous with the portions.  It’s one of my all-time favorite dishes because it’s so unique.  It’s rare to find a pasta dish at a Mexican restaurant, let alone a good one.  
Hush Puppies at Kloby's: Their best side dish, with each pup literally the size of a golf ball.  These puppies are fried to perfection and goes perfectly with Kloby's ribs.  They’re definitely worth the drive down Route 29. 
5 oz Special at Yogiberry in the Columbia Mall: The berry and green tea flavors here are perfectly tart and delicious, with berry being my favorite!  I’ve learned to stop by the stand before I shop in order to reduce the balancing act of holding bags and trying to get the perfect ratio of yogurt and fruit in each scoop, all while walking.   Their 5 oz. special gets you 3 toppings for the price of 2. Sometimes they don’t have the sign out, but you just have to ask.
Trolling on Tuesday is my attempt at a series where readers would share three things with other HowChow readers -- favorite restaurant dishes, food to buy, food experiences, etc.  Click here for all the Trolling posts.  Click here for the explanation and the rules.  Anyone can submit.  


HoCoRising said...

Thanks for the suggestions Kristi! I definitely plan to take them out one by one.

MaybeKathy said...

Insider hushpuppy tip: If you get one of the combos that comes with cornbread, you can ask them to swap out hushpuppies instead.

Kris said...

Thanks for the Yogiberry shout-out! The 5 oz. combo has been added to the menu now so it's always available.