Monday, May 17, 2010

Saffron Ice Cream at Caspian Market

The saffron ice cream at the Caspian Market opens a bunch of good options for the coming warm weather -- from an adult ice cream cone to a classy dinner party dessert.

Caspian sells Shirlee's "Persian Ice Cream," which passes the "ingredient test" for ice cream.  Milk, sugar, cream, rose water, saffron.  That's all they put in, so what they get out is a creamy, thick ice cream with the mild, spicy taste of saffron -- almost nutty.

This is a treat like the fruit ice creams at Seibel's in Burtonsville or the Jamaican-inspired Island Style versions at Golden Krust in Catonsville.  They're simple foods made better by people rather than big companies.  The saffron ice cream -- highlighted for me in an anonymous comment -- is reason enough to check out Caspian Market.  It's a flavor that would make a nice end to almost any meal and has been an afternoon treat right from the freezer.

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