Saturday, May 1, 2010

Highlight: In Defense Of No Carryout

If you're looking around HowChow, check out the great exchange between Brooke and the Pizzablogger about the "no-carryout" policy at Facci Ristorante.  A pizza place with no carryout?  It does seem strange, but the Pizzablogger talks up the special issues of making Facci's speciality pizzas -- and the nutty passion of chefs who would only want their pizza eaten fresh from the oven.

I'd love a takeout Facci pizza, but I respect the Pizzablogger's position.  He writes a fun, passionate blog himself, and I have learned from him about the real artistry that a few people -- including Facci -- are trying to put in their pies.  Check out the comments here.  If you want to add thoughts, please add them there.  And thanks to everyone who leaves substantive, friendly comments.