Monday, May 10, 2010

Pink Ting at Super Grand (and Golden Krust)

If I had a summer drink, it would be some creation made with grapefruit soda.

Not with Fresca, but with Ting -- Jamaican brand that sells little bottles of soda that really tastes like grapefruit and sugar.  I bought the regular flavor of Ting at the Golden Krust Bakery in Catonsville.  I finally tried the pink grapefruit flavor when I was trolling at Super Grand in Laurel.  I'd swear that it tastes like I remember pink grapefruits -- a little sweeter, a little less acidic.

Pink Ting mixed with vodka?  That seemed nice for a warm evening.  Wikipedia says that Ting with citrus vodka is called a "Ving."  It also says that people mix with lime rum for a "Ting 'n Sting."  Those should be inspiration enough for you to troll at Golden Krust where you could get beef patties (although the patties don't get the best reviews) or at the Super Grand where you can get almost anything.

Super Grand stands out among the Asian markets for its broad selection.  H Mart in Catonsville still excels for fish and produce, but Super Grand has way more non-Asian items.  That means regular American brands plus products from Mexico, India, Jamaica and West Africa.  Ting sits in an aisle where you can get Ghanaian staples that I'm still figuring out.  I also notice that Super Grand's workforce lacks the hard distinctions that you see at other stores -- only Latino guys working produce, only Asian women on the cash registers, only Asian men in management.  People mix more at Super Grand, and they have been keyed to customer service.  Whereas Lotte's produce workers range from nervous (the Mexican kids) to brusque (the Korean managers), I have had a Latino Super Grand employee walk me across the store to explain in English where I could find Japanese noodles.  That global shopping, and it's a welcoming, friendly vibe.


Stephanie said...

I am always intimated by these stores because I don't know what is in them and what to buy. Most of the time it is easier for me to do carry out than to make it from scratch and buy everything. It never tastes the same. I appreciate all your posts because it has opened my eye to other options.

Christen said...

We've been to Super Grand twice since you posted about Ting and tried to find it, with no luck. Can you give us more info about where to find it in the store? We've asked employees there and gotten mixed info (first time they said it wasn't there in the store, and just yesterday they directed us somewhere that we couldn't find it.) Any hints would be appreciated, now we've had a lot of anticipation to try Pink Ting! Thanks!

HowChow said...

If I remember correctly, the Pink Ting was in the aisle with Jamiacan and West African food. It was in the center of the store. The soda was on the bottom shelf -- closer to the back of the store. I definitely boughtit there.