Monday, May 3, 2010

Jackfruit at Grand Mart

For a treat from the tropics, go check out the Asian grocery stores for fresh jackfruit.

Super Grand in Laurel had jackfruit this weekend.  It's a tropical fruit with a flavor reminiscent of bananas and mangoes.  I have never seen fresh ones here before, although it might just be a short season that I overlooked.

Not that jackfruit looks like any common fruit.  On the outside, the watermelon-sized fruits have green, armored shells.  But a knife cuts right through and exposes sweet, bright yellow flesh.  Imagine dates swollen by steroids, then pressed together like pomegranate seeds.  Super Grand was selling jackfruit for about $1.29 a pound.  You could buy whole fruit, or you could buy pieces chunked out in three- or four-pound sections.

You carve up jackfruit with technique similar to a pineapple -- cutting out the hard center section and the tough outer skin.  That leaves you with the bright yellow flesh.  Each section has a huge seed inside, and the sections are separated by a white, stringy pitch.  It's perfectly easy to pull that away and be left with sweet pieces that are slightly sticky, but dry like a date.  It's a tropical flavor, sweet but not as sugary as many fruit.  The flesh is meaty, but the flavor is more in the family of bananas, maybe with a touch of mangoes, and a touch of musk, and maybe  . . .  Definitely worth checking out.

If Super Grand has jackfruit, then I assume that Lotte in Ellicott City and H Mart in Catonsville will have them as well.  (A comment below says H Mart has stocked jackfruit for a while.)  They might even be at the Indian markets listed in my ethnic groceries post.

If you're going to Super Grand, watch out for the small watermelon.  I bought one Saturday, and it foamed and leaked water all over our counter on Sunday.  Bacterial fruit blotch!  Not serious, but my read of the Web says entire fields were likely to be infected.


Anonymous said...

In Indonesian and Malaysian restaurants around New York, I've had dishes prepared with canned jackfruit. (In fact, I've never had jackfruit as "just" a fruit.) Hopefully the restaurants will start using fresh jackfruit now.

Anonymous said...

H Mart has stocked jackfruit for a while now.

HowChow said...

@ Anon #2 -- Does H Mart have it year round? Or is it seasonal? I had never noticed it before.

Anonymous said...

They just started carrying it recently. I noticed it maybe about a month ago. At first I thought it was durian, but it looked different and on closer inspection I discerned it was jackfruit. By reading the sign, of course. ;)

Verdadgracios said...

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