Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mangos at the Lotte Supermarket

For $10, we picked up a box of champagne mangos at the Lotte Supermarket in Ellicott City.

I have vented about Lotte before, noting that I strongly prefer H Mart in Catonsville because the vegetables and the people have been subpar at Lotte. But we were coming back from the Bethany Seafood Restaurant, and Mrs. HowChow had a craving for the red bean desserts, which you can buy at a stall next to Lotte's produce department.

The mangoes were right inside the door. The champagne mangos are sweet and a little softer than the regular variety. We bought an enormous box and already gave two away to the neighbors. I'm thinking chicken with mangos, maybe some mango ice cream. They're delicious just sliced and eaten on their own. I also bought two packages of mint because the smell was intoxicating.

Click here for more about buying produce in Howard County. Or visit Lotte and click here to check out the other attractions in the same shopping center -- La Boulangarie Bakery for sweets and bubble tea, Shin Chon Garden for Korean, or Thai Aroma for Thai.

Lotte Market
8801 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21043

NEAR: On Rte 40, just east of Rte 29. From Columbia, you go north on Rte 29 and take the Rte 40 East exit. Stay in the left lane on the exit ramp. That takes you into the shopping center.


Jack said...

As soon as you enter Lotte, your senses get knocked off their asses from the smell of dead fish and white pepper.


Ken Oh said...

I can't wait until pomegranates are back in season. Lotte is a good place for those.

HowChow said...

Gonzo -- A little harsh on Lotte? I perfer Super H, and I love the feedback that people put in comments. But the "smell of dead fish" seems like one of the harshest attack you can make on a grocery store. I actually don't go to one of the West African markets because of the smell, and it's way different than Lotte.

Dick -- I know pomegranate season because I proposed with a ring placed on one. Late summer into fall, and you're totally right that the Korean markets are great places for them.

Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

This might change your mind, HowChow...

HowChow said...

Ok, that Channel 2 story is awful. Wow. I can't defend Lotte for that.

Keith said...

Costco has boxes of Kent mangos... far superior to the champaign variety

Anonymous said...

Lotte Market is not following the Maryland Regulations COMAR for food preparation. The Howard County Health Department still have not solved the problem. Hunan Manor
is even worse with pest problems
for over 3 years (roaches & mice)
they have no penalties and have never been closed.