Friday, April 3, 2009

Honey Bunnies at Great Harvest Bread Company

Check out a little Easter humor this week at the Great Harvest Bread Company in Columbia where you can buy a "Honey Bunny" -- a whole wheat loaf in the shape of a bunny rabbit.

Great Harvest comes recommended by several people, although I haven't been inspired yet to write about the bread that I have bought there.  I was amused by the photo of the "Honey Bunnies" advertised in this week's Howard County Times.  They're cute, and it's a reason to try out a new bakery if you have never been.  They're available April 1-11, 2009.

If you are looking for baked goods, check out my post about bakeries in Howard County.  I'm still checking out several places to add there.

Great Harvest Bread Company
8835 Centre Park Drive
Columbia, MD  21045

NEAR:  This is near Bangkok Delight and Asean Bistro off Rte 108.  It's very convenient to Rte 100.  Asean Bistro is right against Rte 108.  Bangkok Delight is in a cluster of stores on Centre Park Drive on the other side of the supermarket.  And Great Harvest is in a cluster of stores just beyond Bangkok Delight.

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